5 Reasons Slots are better than Blackjack

By Stan Rogers on August 27, 2019

Different people have different playing habits. Some like the complexity and challenge of blackjack while others feel slot machines to be more fun and enjoyable. However, there is no doubt that slots have advantages over blackjack in many areas.

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1- No strategy is required

Playing blackjack requires you to have a strategy. You are given choices and you have to decide wisely to win the game. You have to choose whether to stand or hit and you are required to think about surrendering, doubling down or splitting, etc.

However, slots are very easy and don’t need any strategy on your part. Slots are as easy as hitting the spin button and then waiting to see how you have done. You can spin the reels very slow or very fast, the choice is yours.

2- Slots land you bigger prizes

You can’t win a lot of money playing blackjack. On one hand, you usually get one and a half times your original bet if you win. While winning both hands can get you twice the amount of your original bet, but then you will have to double your bet too.

On the other hand, playing slots can land you a great amount. Sometimes the jackpots of progressive slots can exceed over a million. It is very difficult to land such a huge amount, but at least there is the possibility of winning in slot machines, unlike blackjack.

3- You get a lot of variety

You will not get a great variety when you play blackjack. The game is the same where ever you play it. You might find a slight variation in rules from one game to the other but on the whole, it is still the same game.

Slots, on the other hand, offer you a great variety. There are the 3-reel machines, then there are the progressive slots, the latest video slots and others having very unique features as well.

Additionally, you can also find a great deal of variety in terms of the themes for these slots. If you get bored of the slots available at your local casino then you can go to a different casino or play online slots. The variety at your disposal will always be huge.

4- More open seats available

It’s not unusual that you go to a casino and find no blackjack tables available. This is especially true for busy casinos where you mostly have to wait for getting a seat.

But if you go to play slots game, then it is very unlikely that you would face a similar situation. You will mostly find slot machines with open seats.

5- Lower minimum bet

Playing blackjack often requires you to place a minimum $5 bet per hand with some casinos even demanding a greater amount than that. However, it is different with slots where you can start playing even as low as a nickel. And there are even penny slot machines which let you play a single line.