$5 Wheel of Fortune slot bet won $1.6 million at McCarran International Airport

By Stan Rogers on August 30, 2017

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One lucky woman passenger at the McCarran International Airport decided to hit the Wheel of Fortune slot machine while waiting for her flight. A wise decision indeed as her $5 bet turned into a whopping $1.6 million jackpot.

Sandra A. of Dublin, California is one lucky lady. She visits Las Vegas at least twice a year to relax, unwind and gamble a bit. She chose IGT’s Wheel of Fortune Pink Diamonds slot to pass time while she waited to board the plane. After spending a total of $5 on the said slot machine, Sandra’s name is now added to IGT’s Wheel of Fortune millionaire roster.

It is not every day that a quick spin at the slots could turn one into an instant millionaire, and everyone who witnessed the jackpot win, including the airport management, was happy for the big winner. The $1 progressive slot is located at McCarran’s C Concourse.

The slot resets at $1 million. It is not known if Sandra A. would settle for lump sum less than the actual jackpot or opt to get paid in yearly installments over a number of years.

Slots at McCarran International Airport have produced several significant jackpot winners. In 2005, a lucky traveler won about $3.9 million at a Wheel of Fortune slot machine. In May 2008, two travelers won $392,000 and $259,000 four days apart.

The odds of winning a million dollars at an airport slot machine may be long, but hey! It happens. In 2015, two visiting travelers at the McCarran International airport won $1 million each, when the slots jackpot was almost $1.7 million. In March 2016, another passenger waiting to board his flight won close to $1 million at a Wheel of Fortune slot.

The iconic slot machines at the McCarran International Airport are a sight to behold. As of the last counting, there are over 1,300 slots machines located in terminals near gates, shopping areas, car rental areas, and in the baggage claim areas. They are hard to miss!

Next time you’re one of the 40 million passengers in transit at the famous airport, hit the slots! Who knows? You might be the next airport slots millionaire.