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The History of Slot Machines

No image of a Las Vegas casino is complete without rows and rows of gleaming slot machines, and it doesn’t stop there. These days, slot machines are almost everywhere, from bars to service stations as well as on every online casino or specialist slots website. But where did these strange gaming machines come from and […]

Biggest Wheel of Fortune Jackpot Winners of All Time

In year 2000 a very lucky waitress won over $34 million over slots. An urban legend developed after this incident as a few weeks after that humongous winning, the lady and her sister figured in a vehicular accident, paralyzing the waitress and killing her sister. The tragedy became the fuel that ignited the myth that […]

Improve Your Odds of Winning at Wheel of Fortune Slots

There is no doubt that Wheel of Fortune slot machines are some of the most sought-after slot machines in both land and online casinos. The 1966 TV game show has so much captivated the audiences the world over that even the gaming community made an effort to at least capture the essence of the game […]

Spin N’ Win at Guts Casino when your World Cup Team Scores

Spin N’ Win at Guts Casino when your world cup team scores June 18th through the 28th. This is a super fun promotion that allows you to score some free spins while getting involved in the World Cup. To spin the wheel, simply make a deposit of €10 here during the promotional period to take […]

$1.3 Million Wheel of Fortune Slot Jackpot Won in Las Vegas

A very lucky Wheel of Fortune progressive slot player won a total of $1,322,750.87 at the Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas last Saturday of May 26, 2018. A Canadian, together with his two brothers went to the Strip to attend a bachelor party. As with all other guests at the Strip, trying their luck on […]

The Strangest Slot Player Superstitions

Although half the time we do it unconsciously, slot players and gamblers, in general, are a superstitious folk. From turning on and off the light switch a set number of times before leaving the house to always wearing the same outfit, there’s nothing the everyday slot player won’t give a whirl if it swings the […]

Top Online Slots in the PokerStars Casino

Since it launched officially in 2015, the PokerStars casino and mobile app has developed into one of the most reputable online casinos in the industry. The platform behind the casino (PokerStars) is a top global producer of online poker content and the name behind professional tournaments like the Asia Pacific Poker Tour and the European […]