Sports Betting Strategy

By Stan Rogers on November 24, 2020

The types of gambling that offer an opportunity to make long-term profits are few and far between. Our list of sports betting strategies takes pros, cons, and ease of use into account. They are effective in every state where sports betting is legal, including Tennessee. Sports betting in Tennessee was approved by the local government with a bill on April 30, 2019, and sportsbooks apps officially launched on November 1, 2020.

Bet Against the Public

Sportsbooks shade lines based on their predictions of what the public would do. One way to figure out how the public might bet involves asking yourself whether a team with a passionate fan base is playing. Fans of the Knicks, Red Sox, and Eagles are more likely to bet on their favorite teams. Also, ask if a perpetual winner is involved, like the Golden State Warriors, New England Patriots, the Spurs, or the New York Yankees. Franchises that have enjoyed long-term success attract more betting action.

Faring Against the Spread

According to Las Vegas lines, the way a team performs against the spread or ATS is a crucial piece of information. ATS records are easily accessible. You can find them on all major professional sports league sites. You should use tendencies to back up ATS records.

For instance, NFL underdogs had a period of five years, in which they were 33.7% (29 – 57 – 2) in line with certain conditions. These included playing next week’s game on the road, facing off against a non-divisional opponent, and being an underdog by fewer than seven points.

Bet a Limited Portion of Your Bankroll

Professional gamblers rarely bet more than 2% of their bankroll on a given event. This reduces their risk of loss dramatically. If your bankroll is limited, for example, $200, you might need to wager up to $10 per event to cover the minimum requirement. Relax – you’re still risking just 2.5% to 5.0% in this case.

Know the Weather Statistics

There is a very simple reason behind this strategy. You need to know if cold weather or inclement on game day will slow offenses down. Extreme weather in particular affects outcomes greatly, so weather stats are useful to know when making totals bets. Do research for deeper trends, of course – don’t just look at the weather report. Many bettors don’t look at the weather forecast in advance, so you’ll have an edge.

Bet Fixed Amounts

You could opt to bet a fixed amount every time, such as $50. With an average winning probability of 55%, you’ll never lose your whole balance.

Bet on the Loser

More specifically, you should bet on the team that lost the previous game because their chance of rebounding and winning the next one is at least 50%. The theory behind this strategy is known as the zig-zag theory. It is an effective betting strategy that has been around for almost four decades. Basically, the team gets its motivation to win the next game from the loss it just suffered.