Biggest Wheel of Fortune Jackpot Winners of All Time

By Stan Rogers on October 31, 2018

In year 2000 a very lucky waitress won over $34 million over slots. An urban legend developed after this incident as a few weeks after that humongous winning, the lady and her sister figured in a vehicular accident, paralyzing the waitress and killing her sister. The tragedy became the fuel that ignited the myth that bad things happen to those who win whopping jackpots. Well, not true especially on Wheel of Fortune slots jackpot winners!

There is a long list of Wheel of Fortune jackpot winners. From August 2015 to September 2018 alone, there is close to 300 very lucky winners of IGT Wheel of Fortune slot variants. These winners have beaten the odds even if most of them did not hit a $1 million pot prize. However, history of IGT winners do show a handful of uber lucky slot players who have won millions of dollars playing Wheel of Fortune Slots.

There are more than 1,500 Wheel of Fortune slot players who have won a least $1 million. The biggest recorded Wheel of Fortune jackpot won happened in March 2009. A man from Biloxi took home a total of $14.3 million. In July 2013, a retired woman from Indiana won $8.3 million playing at a 25-cent Wheel of Fortune slot in Mississippi.

Over $7 million was won in 2007 by a someone playing Wheel of Fortune Special Edition. In 2006, the jackpot of $5.9 million was won on the Wheel of Fortune Dollar slot machine. The required bet to win the jackpot was a mere $3.

In 2001, $4.5 million was won playing a 50-cent Wheel of Fortune slots. Caesars Palace created another multi-millionaire when the jackpot of over $4.5 million for its Wheel of Fortune Triple Wild Spins Duo Wheel slot game was hit by a very fortunate slot player in January 2014.

A story about another multi-million jackpot winner is quite astonishing. Gracie Salinas won $3.8 million with a bet of $3 on a Wheel of Fortune. As she had only $2, she had to borrow a dollar from her mother promising that she’ll split any winnings. And she did!

In March this year, New Yorker Theresa P. won close to $3 million at a Wheel of Fortune slots in Empire City Casino.

There are two latest big-time winners in Wheel of Fortune slots. The first one won $3,349, 616.56 on a $5 Wheel of Fortune machine in June 16, 2018. Another super fortunate soul won $3,225,340.08 on a $1 Wheel of Fortune slot machine only a week before June 16.

Wheel of Fortune slots are owned and operated by IGT, and therefore is the one responsible for paying jackpots won. The casinos only provide the location for the slot machines and get 10% of the gross earnings of the machines. Wheel of Fortune slots’ popularity is simply amazing!