Improve Your Odds of Winning at Wheel of Fortune Slots

By Stan Rogers on July 17, 2018


There is no doubt that Wheel of Fortune slot machines are some of the most sought-after slot machines in both land and online casinos. The 1966 TV game show has so much captivated the audiences the world over that even the gaming community made an effort to at least capture the essence of the game in slots. Let me be clear. There is no way to rig a machine as the outcome of slots machines are generated randomly. However, by choosing the right slot machine, you can definitely increase your odds of winning.

Do not choose the machine with the highest jackpot. Choose the one with a smaller minimum jackpot. There are numerous variants of Wheel of Fortune slots and each has different minimum jackpots. There’s no science to prove that machines with smaller jackpots are easier to win; but there is truth in the logic that slot machines with smaller jackpots have smaller maximum bets. In this case, you will have more money to bet. $100 and $25 Wheel of Fortune machines’ jackpots are non-progressive, with the former having a minimum jackpot of $1M and the latter only $200,000. So, by betting on the $25 slot, you have 4 chances of betting the maximum bet with your $100, and only one chance on the $100 maximum bet machine.

Be particular in choosing the Wheel of Fortune game. There are more than two dozen variants of the game, with each game presenting varied symbols and winning combinations. All Wheel of Fortune slot variants have bonus spin options for that much-anticipated spin, and almost all variants have the same odds too. All of these machines use random number generators, so in choosing, consider that one that you think is most fun for you.

Be aware of your odds of winning on Wheel of Fortune slot machines. Some professional gamblers are not keen on slot machines because the chance of winning is not so great. You must understand that slot machines are not mandated to pay out even if the jackpot is very high. In other words, your chances of winning do not increase in parallel with the amount of jackpot. Slot machines use random number generators so the odds of winning do not change no matter what time of the day it is.

Do not wrestle or grapple with the slot machine! You cannot change the outcome of slot machines by nudging it, banging it, slamming it, lifting it and other sorts of physical abuse. All slot machines are built to last for a long time. They have tempered glass, are armor-plated, and fitted with sensors to detect abuse and tampering. Slot machines are thorough tested before leaving the factory so they can basically take all types of abuse. So, if the machine detects any form of physical abuse, the machine will shut down, void all credits left, and will silently sound the alarm for security.

Casinos are fitted with CCTVs, watching everything that is going on, most especially the guests. So, if you think you are having a bad day at the slots, take a break. There is always tomorrow.