Perverted “Spin” on Wheel of Fortune TV Game Show

By Stan Rogers on April 4, 2017

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It is not every day that a Wheel of Fortune TV Game Show contestant is lucky enough to get the correct letters in succession to a point that one letter remains to win the game. Yup! Kevin was one letter off from a substantial win, but made a big, funny and quite perverted mistake instead!

Contestant Kevin was one letter away to solving the word puzzle: A Streetcar Na_ed Desire. Landing on another $600 pie, everyone thought that Kevin will win the game. But! Horror of horrors! Mr. Kevin did not buy the letter M to complete the puzzle. Instead, he bought the letter K to complete the word naKed!

Tennessee Williams must have been “spinning” in his grave as his 1947 classic play was given a perverted “spin”! Who would have thought that the classic play is unknown to some? For those who do not know, A Streetcar Named Desire won a Pulitzer Prize, and was immortalized on film by no less than Marlon Brando.

So everyone was entertained by Kevin’s answer – A Streetcar Naked Desire. Contestant Liza nailed it when she bought the letter M and won the round.

Pat Sajak, the game show host, told Liza that she got the correct answer but that he would really prefer Kevin play!

This round may well be considered an epic fail, but in another perspective, it is an epic “win”!

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