Super Wheel Casino Game by Play’n Go

By Stan Rogers on October 26, 2016

Super Wheel is a brand new product by Play’nGo. This is not an online slot game but a casino game with quite a unique and simple concept. The game involves a roulette-style wheel, beautifully done in 3D graphics.

Object of the Game

The main concept of the online Super Wheel is to luckily determine or predict on what numbers the spinning disk will stop on each spin. Players place their chips to bet on certain numbers before spinning the wheel. It is allowable to customize how much the bet is as chips are available in various denominations. It is allowed to place different chips on one spot. The maximum and minimum bets may vary but the base line is one unit of currency on the table.

Super Wheel Play

This game affords players to put in their bets by choosing one of seven options. It is not exactly a roulette game but players get to pick from numbers 1, 3, 5, 11, 23, and the Golden Clover and Golden Horseshoe. The Super Wheel is divided into 52 sections, with each section allocated with different values.

If a player bets on 3, his prize is 3:1. If he bets on 5, the prize is 5:1. The highest payout is 47:1, which is reserved for the Golden Clover and Golden Horseshoe. The betting options are set on the table before the player. A player can choose to bet from 1, 5, 10, 25 and 100 chips per spin for a change to win the highest possible payout.

The player sees himself seated at the head of the table as the Super Wheel spins. The graphics provide a perspective that makes it seem that the player is actually playing and sitting at a brick and mortar casino or live casino table. An option for the player to quickly place the same bet or bets round after round is available.

Released on October 10, 2016, this game is available in desktop, mobile and tablet versions.