Wheel of Fortune Winners

By Stan Rogers on February 14, 2017

IGT surely hit the jackpot when it developed the Wheel of Fortune progressive slot and introduced them to Las Vegas casinos in 1996. The slot has become a must-play and there is no casino on the Vegas strip that does not have variants of the Wheel of Fortune slot on its casino floor. The slot games have become a worldwide phenomenon.

Wheel of Fortune MegaJackpot

IGT’s generosity is manifested in the jackpots afforded by brick and mortar Wheel of Fortune Slots. Since 1996, the slot has produced close to 1,000 millionaires of whom all shared in the historic Wheel of Fortune’s $3 billion total jackpot.

Wheel of Fortune slots are the most popular slots linked to the progressive MegaJackpot in which the value of the jackpot increases whenever a game is played. Several machines are linked together for one huge progressive MegaJackpot! This pot grows quite quickly because there are plenty of slot players contributing to the pot prize at the same time.

Wheel of Fortune Slot Jackpot Wins

Looking back at some Wheel of Fortune jackpot winners, we see players from Nevada, New Jersey, and Mississippi have had the best luck hitting the jackpot and becoming millionaires. At Hard Rock Casino Biloxi, Mississippi, a man won $14.3 Million playing his favorite Wheel of Fortune slot machine, the highest amount won in the state.

Since there are several variants of the Wheel of Fortune slot, keeping track of winners is not quite as easy. Here are five Wheel of Fortune slots with mentions of their latest winners.

The Wheel of Fortune Quarter calls for a maximum of 3-25 cents (75 cents) to hit the jackpot, which is payable in yearly installments. Each time a jackpot is hit, it is reset to $200,000. The jackpot prize of $973,795.29 was won on December 24, 2014. The biggest jackpot of $1.9 million was won in 2008.

The Wheel of Fortune Fifty Cents slot machine requires 3-50 cents to hit the pot prize. The pot money is reset to $500,000 after it is won. The latest winner took home $509,377.57 on October 10, 2014. The biggest jackpot of over $4.5 million was won in 2001.

The Wheel of Fortune Dollar slot machine requires a $3 bet to win the jackpot. The latest winner took home $1,159,487.94 on December 18,2014. The jackpot is reset to $1 million after each win. The biggest cash pot of $5.9 million was won in 2006.

The Wheel of Fortune Five Dollar slot requires $10 to hit the jackpot. The pot is reset to $1 million after each win. The latest winner received $1,014,000.93 on December 14, 2014. The biggest win as of this writing is $4 million which was won in 2003. All winnings are payable in yearly installments.

The Wheel of Fortune Special Edition has a starting jackpot prize of $1.5 million. The last winner took home $1,784,872.22. The biggest jackpot prize ever is more than $7 million which was won in 2007.

Powerbucks by IGT

Powerbucks by IGT is another progressive slot which is linked to machines in multiple states including Nevada, New Jersey, and South Dakota. By linking up multiple states, the progressive jackpot can pay more winners more often. Look to play Wheel of Fortune slots at Powerbucks linked machines in these states as a lucky winner will take home its current $1.23 million pot prize by picking from one of it’s three interactive bonus features.

Wheel of Fortune Spin Offs

Online Spin offs of Wheel of Fortune slots have made some players seriously rich!
Mega Fortune by Net Entertainment has been consistently making millionaires every 13 weeks since 2009. On average the jackpot is well in the €4.5 million range.

Millionaire’s Club and its variants have its own long list of winners. Since 2005, this slot has paid out more than $10 million in prizes. Its latest winner took home close to $1 million in December 2014.

Mega Millions, a progressive online slot by Cryptologic, made one online casino player from London extremely happy when he took home a check worth £436,000.

Tip for online slot players: go for Wheel of Fortune themed slots with progressive jackpots!