Six-Figure Winnings on Wheel of Fortune at Empire City Casino

By Stan Rogers on June 8, 2017

Two Wheel of Fortune players at the Empire City Casino hit the jackpot a week apart in May 2017.

James E. Dobson won $143,723.16 on the very popular Wheel of Fortune slot machine at the Empire City Casino in Yonkers, New York on May 27. The Memorial Day weekend casino trip of Dobson proved to be a lucky one. The Stevensville, Maryland native’s bet of $10 on the $5 denomination slot machine seated in the Gotham Palace was a life-changing one. At 8:00 PM, bells clanged – signifying Dobson’s big win.

Another James, from the Bronx, got lucky a week earlier, May 21. James M. hit the $149,931 jackpot at Empire City on the Wheel of Fortune slot at Gotham Palace. His bet of $6 on a $1 denomination machine proved a winner at 4:23 PM.

Meanwhile, New York’s racetrack casino jackpot is pegged at $ 1,713,985.00 as of May 30, 2017. This amount surpassed the $1,473,503 jackpot won by Howard Gershowitz on October 25, 2015. This record-breaking amount was pegged at $1,480,045 on April 10. By April 17, the amount climbed to $1.5 million, then to $1.6 million on May 9.

This enormous jackpot is only available on two Wheel of Fortune slots located at Empire City Casino. The pot prize is increasing still as it awaits for a lucky slot player to win the lot.

Tripe Star slot, a variant of Wheel of Fortune slots, is one of the most popular slots across the globe. No other game of the same genre has eclipsed Wheel of Fortune. It remains the most favored slot, captivating slot players with its spinning money wheels and huge jackpots.