The Strangest Slot Player Superstitions

By Stan Rogers on April 8, 2018

The Strangest Slot Player Superstitions

Although half the time we do it unconsciously, slot players and gamblers, in general, are a superstitious folk. From turning on and off the light switch a set number of times before leaving the house to always wearing the same outfit, there’s nothing the everyday slot player won’t give a whirl if it swings the balance of fate ever so slightly in their favor. We’ve seen a lot of superstitious activity in our time but here are some of our favorites.

Icing (or cooking) your coins

Now, this depends on who you’re talking to, but there are two myths surrounding the heat of a coin used to play a slot machine. One says that a cold coin will push the odds in your favor while the other says a heated one is more likely to hit the jackpot.

Next time you’re in a casino, keep your eyes open, and sure enough, you’ll see people with coins in ice or rubbing their coin furiously before dropping it in the slot.

Looking Away

A lot of players look away each time they play in the belief that the machine knows they are watching and will only pay out if they look away. Of course, we know this isn’t true, but it still won’t stop us, will it?


No one likes to be interrupted, but slot players are more aggrieved than most at even the slightest of interruptions. Say an operator checks the machine or the machine goes offline for an instant, players will quit thinking that the luck they have built up is gone.

Time of Day

Walk into a casino early in the morning around 7am and you may be surprised to see a lot of players already spinning the reels. Some slot players think that if you play in the early morning, you’re more likely to hit a big win or a big jackpot because big wins may not have hit the night before. At the same time, some slot players think that if you play in the evening when the casino is more likely to be crowded, machines will be set up to payout when there are bigger crowds. Of course once again, this is just a superstition.

New machines pay out the big bucks

Of course, we all know that slot machines are usually programmed to payout a certain percentage of the money wagered on them, but this doesn’t stop slot players from believing that new machines will pay out the big bucks sometime in the first few days of their use.

The machine owes you

You pump a bucket load of coins into a machine, so it, therefore, owes you a win. This is the single most common superstition that has us in the belief that while we play, we are actually working and at some point will receive a reward for our efforts.

You are being watched

The idea that you are under surveillance at all times is true in part, but the fact is that no matter how good a run you think you’re on, if you’re not cheating then big brother has more important things to keep an eye on. Some players are convinced that they are being watched through the machine and that their player’s club card is known to the casino and this is why many players choose never to play this card.

Choosing the right location

This superstition may have a slight ring of truth to it as casinos have been known to place machines that are paying out close to the entrance so as to entice new customers through the door. This may have been true once upon a time, but with the rules that govern slot machines pretty strict, you can’t really tell if it’s a loose machine based on its location.

The casino is a minefield of superstitions and knock-on-wood behavior but don’t think we’re the only ones out there that avoid walking under ladders. People from around the world have wacky superstitions, and we humans can be a strange bunch when it comes to matters of fate and keeping lady luck on our side.


All of these superstitions are of course just that, a superstition. We know that slot machines are controlled by an Random Number Generator (RNG) and that they are set at a certain Return to Player (RTP). Still, superstitions can add to your own entertainment value.